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About Sudokolorful

Sudokolorful, sometimes known as Color Sudoku or Rainbow Sudoku, is a modern twist on the classic Sudoku puzzle. Its roots are firmly planted in the popularity of Sudoku and the desire to inject fresh creativity into the game. While the original Sudoku uses numbers from 1 to 9, Sudokolorful introduces colors as an additional dimension, offering a unique and visually engaging puzzle-solving experience.

How to Play Sudokolorful

Sudokolorful retains the fundamental rules of Sudoku while incorporating colors. Here's how to play:

  • The Grid: A Sudokolorful grid consists of 9x9 cells, just like traditional Sudoku. However, instead of numbers, you use colors to fill in the cells.

  • The Regions: The grid is divided into nine 3x3 regions, each outlined by a bold, darker border. These regions serve the same purpose as the 3x3 boxes in classic Sudoku.

  • Color Constraints: Just like in traditional Sudoku, each row and column in Sudokolorful must contain each color exactly once.

  • Region Rules: The real twist in Sudokolorful lies in the regions. Within each region, colors must also appear exactly once. So, not only do you need to ensure that each row and column has all the colors, but each region must have them too.

  • Logic and Deduction: Solving Sudokolorful relies on the same logical deduction skills as classic Sudoku. You'll need to analyze the existing colors on the board, consider possible placements, and use process of elimination to determine the correct colors.

  • Color Clashes: Be wary of color clashes within a region. If two cells with the same color appear in the same row, column, or region, it's a clear violation of the rules.

How to play

Using Mouse

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