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About Mahjong Duels

Mahjong Duels takes the traditional Mahjong gameplay and transforms it into a competitive head-to-head battle. In this game, you'll face off against opponents from around the world in intense duels. The objective is to clear your tiles faster and more efficiently than your adversary, showcasing your skills and strategic thinking.

Classic Mahjong, Modern Competition

The core gameplay of Mahjong Duels stays true to the classic Mahjong rules. You'll match tiles by finding pairs with the same symbol while ensuring that the tiles you select aren't blocked by others. What sets this game apart is the competitive element – you'll need to outmaneuver your opponent by making clever tile matches and utilizing strategic moves.

Strategic Depth

Success in Mahjong Duels relies on your ability to think several moves ahead. You'll need to carefully plan your tile matches, anticipate your opponent's moves, and use power-ups strategically to gain an edge. The game rewards not just quick thinking but also a well-thought-out strategy.

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